Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wanayani Bridge


In the AK47 games that I've played at the club, there is one bit of geography that has featured on more than one occasion. The Batufu corridor has been a battleground that we've fought over back and forth on several occasions, with control of the strategically vital Wanayani Bridge as a the principal objective.

Until now, this has been notable by it's absence, but no longer...

I found a very, very old Airfix kit in the shed today, stashed away in a box of model railway stuff that I was given by my Grandad in his will. He was an avid, if unproductive, railway modelller so had a stack of unfinished kits in his workshop which I inherited when he passed away in 1989. I'm sure he would approve of my efforts to make use of this one, even if it's not for a model railway.

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  1. I need to raid my mother's attic, chock full of my Dad's old railway stuff that laid unfinished since 1971!