Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bag The Hun Operation Bodenplatte [17]

As promised, here are the last of the JG27 Bf109K's together with the two that I finished the other day, all ready to go. I couldn't be bothered with more spiral patterns, so settled for a simple if less than typical finish to the prop bosses on both of the new additions. I'm now going to tackle the GHQ Me262's and some really smooth Museum Miniatures Fw190D's, using a production line approach rather than painting one pair at a time.


  1. These look great. Nice job. What paints are you using for these?

  2. Forgot to check the e-mail followup.

  3. The planes are looking great. You might want to look for a copy of "To Win the Winter Sky" by Danny Parker. It has a really good chapter on Operation Bodenplatte.