Wednesday, 25 May 2022

NEWSFLASH - MDF repels ZAP attack (Reuters)

MDF troops celebrate victory!

From our military correspondent in Dgenge

News is coming in of a Zubuto cross border raid that has been repelled with severe losses by border guard units of the Mbote Defence Force. Reports from the scene of the fighting indicate that an attempt to capture the President of Mbote, General Papi Mpongo, has failed, with tanks and armoured vehicles of the Zubuto Army of the People destroyed by helicopter gunships, mobile units and tanks of the MDF. 

Destroyed T55 tanks of the ZAP

At least two units of the ZAP have been completely wiped out, with others heavily damaged and in full retreat from the border zone. In a press release, Mpongo praised the troops of the MDF for their professionalism and military skill, with particular emphasis on the contribution made by the presidential escort, who protected the General and prevented his capture by militia forces loyal to the government of Zubuto. 

International AK47 Republic Wargaming Day Game Report

The game for International AK47 Republic Wargaming Day was a bit of a walkover for the Mbote defenders, mainly due to some very lucky dice rolling and some terrible dice rolling by the attacking forces of Zubuto, commanded by the long suffering sprog. He lost his professional tanks in a duel with the regular tanks of the MDF, then had his technical trucks knocked out by the helo gunship and his other technicals obliterated by the jeeps of the presidential escort. However, he did force the helo gunship off toward the end of the game and his regular troops managed to hold on to one of the objectives until there was literally only one man (or group) standing.  It was amazing that not one unit broke due to morale tests but were either knocked out in on go or held on until there was hardly anything left. In the end, the MDF defenders scored 68 points to the ZAP atacker's 46, so a 22 point victory margin for the Mbote Defence Force! 

(apologies for the rubbish terrain and dodgy photos - we set up outside for more space but at the cost of too much light for the crappy phone camera)

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

NEWSFLASH - Mpongo in Border Zone (Reuters)

President Mpongo earlier today

From our military correspondent in Njuba

The military convoy escorting the president for life of Mbote, General Papi Mpongo, has arrived in the disputed border zone near Njuba. After touring front line positions held by the Mbote Defence Force, President Mpongo watched an exercise by MDF border guards, then answered questions from the press at a forward command post within view of the front lines. 

ZAP Border Guards

ZAP tanks approach Dgenge

Meanwhile, just across the border line in neighbouring Zubuto, units of the Zubuto Army of the People have been deploying to reinforce existing ZAP border patrols. A column of tanks and armoured vehicles has advanced along the Njuba to Wanga Wanga highway and is now concentrated a short distance from the border railway crossing at Dgenge. 

Monday, 23 May 2022

Bulldogs Away! French / Israeli FAC Flotilla

Chilean Sa'ar 4

I've decided to crack ahead with the second half of the Bulldogs Away! project, as there's nothing worse than a job half done. I have a flotilla of four Israeli Fast Attack Craft assembled, based and undercoated - two Sa'ar 3's, one Sa'ar 4 Reshef and one Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya - which in my games will represent licenced built boats supplied and equipped by the French government to an imaginary East African nation. In other games, they will double up as South American boats, again from a fictitious country not unlike Chile or Ecuador, although that's all a bit sketchy. 

NEWSFLASH - Zubuto reinforces border zone (Reuters)

ZAP border patrol

From our political correspondent in Njuba

In a packed press conference today, Minister of Propaganda for the People's Democratic Republic of Zubuto, Mr Bojo Faraj, announced fresh troop reinforcements for the Zubuto Army of the People (ZAP) in the disputed border zone with neighbouring Mbote.

Mr Bojo Faraj

Mr Faraj cited the recent announcement of a tour of inspection of the border zone by President Mpongo of Mbote, as the justification for entirely defensive military strengthening of the Zubuto frontier line in the vicinity of Njuba, where President Mpongo's convoy is expected to arrive later this week.

Major Mnuva

In a further statement by Major Mnuva, officer commanding ZAP border defence units, it was confirmed that tanks, armoured vehicles and troops of the border guards battalion, would be dispatched to the Njuba area as a precautionary measure. 

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Soviet Backed FAC's Finished


I finished the Soviet equipped flotilla for Bulldogs Away! yesterday, so that's half the project wrapped up bar the aircraft. I tried out a new approach to the sea bases but they've ended up looking a bit too blue, so they may well get repainted at some point later on. I can never seem to get the right colour for the bases for some reason, despite lots of trial and error experimentation. I'm taking a short break from this project now but will be back to get the other half sorted soon. 

NEWSFLASH - Mpongo on Tour (Reuters)

President Mpongo

From our diplomatic correspondent in Njuba

In a brief press conference this morning, President for Life of Mbote, General Papi Mpongo, announced a programme of inspection tours that he will be conducting to advance units of the Mbote Defence Force (MDF) in the disputed border zone with the neighbouring People's Democratic Republic of Zubuto. 

President Mpongo confirmed that he will be escorted by a military protection detail and a convoy of MDF troops, in order to ensure his personal safety and as a show of strength for the populace of the border zone, who have been subjected to a series of cross border raids by militia forces allegedly supported by the Zubuto Army of the People (ZAP). 

Colonel Ijek Taseet

In addition, the commander of the Mbote Air Force, Colonel Ijek Taseet, announced that air assets for surveillance and counter insurgency patrols in the border zone, including helicopter gunships and fighter bombers, will be stepped up for the duration of the tours of inspection. 

C.R.A.P. Peacekeeping Patrol in the border zone

A spokesman for the Combined Regional African Peacekeeping mission in Wanga Wanga, Major Short Cummins, cautioned against the presence of additional military forces in the border zone, stating that it could be misinterpreted by the government of Zubuto as an escalation of the long running conflict. 

Saturday, 21 May 2022

3D Printed Leander


The 3D printed model of HMS Apollo arrived today and it is absolutely brilliant! The model is crisp and has no discernible lines or rough edges, with only the supports to remove before I can wash it and undercoat it for painting. The print maker also bunged in a couple of free Westland Wasps, which was very nice of him, so I have some ASW capability. Highly recommended! 

Friday, 20 May 2022

Romeo Class Sub


I have also based and started to paint a 1/700th scale Hobbyboss Type 033 Romeo class submarine, which I had already cut down to the waterline. This won't play an active role in games, as there are no rules for submersibles, but will be an ideal scenario hook, perhaps running aground or breaking down while in enemy waters, which has happened before to Soviet Romeos in the Baltic. It's a really nice model too!

Thursday, 19 May 2022



I have a real soft spot for 1960's Royal Navy warships, specifically the Type 12 Leander, Type 41 and Type 61 frigates, which I remember from Navy Days in Devonport in the mid-70's when I was a nipper.

thedorsetprintman on eBay

I found a trader on eBay who makes 3D printed models in 1/700th scale of RN warships including an early version in HMS Apollo, so have bought one as a heavy weight addition to the French / Israeli backed flotilla or as a Royal Navy warship in a peacekeeping or interventionist role. 

It wasn't cheap but a good price compared to the less robust resin or metal alternative. It will be great as an asset and as a hook for scenarios, perhaps as an RN warship sent to patrol offshore when the conflict kicks off, ending up as a potential target for one side or the other?


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