Wednesday, 27 January 2010

AK47 Dictatorship Army

I dug out my box of figures and vehicle kits the other day to work out some units for my next AK47 army. I've chosen to do a dictatorship army as it gives me the option to have a professional unit and, therefore, an excuse to include a few helicopters and air strikes.

In 2nd edition AK47, a Dictatorship has the following restrictions:

Between one and two Militia units.
Between one and four Regular units.
Up to one Professional unit.
No militia tanks, APC's or Armoured Cars.

I'm planning to field the maximum infantry units for each of the three grades i.e. two Militia, four Regular and one Professional, together with transport vehicles and armour. This sounds like a lot but if I stick to four small arms bases per unit as a bottom line, with heavy weapons and RPG bases as extras, it shouldn't be too much to paint up.

For my previous western equipped Colonial Settlers army, I differentiated the three unit grades by using beret troops for Professionals and kepis for Regulars (I didn't have any Militia units). This works really well and it's easy to see what's what on the tabletop. I'm going to do the same for the Dictatorship units which will have Soviet kit throughout but with helmets or perhaps berets for the Professionals, Hardened Militia in caps for the Regulars and bareheaded Militia for the Militia.

This is the breakdown for each of the three grades:


8 x Small Arms
4 x RPG
2 x HMG
2 x Mortars

2 x RCL

3 x Transport Helicopters (Mil Mi4)

1 x Helicopter Gunship (Mil Mi4)

4 x APC's (BTR60's)

Air Support - 1 x MiG17


12 x Small Arms
6 x RPG
4 x HMG
4 x Mortars
2 x RCL

4 x T55 Tanks

3 x Towed Guns (76.2mm)

6 x APC (BTR152) - these can double up as tows.

4 x Jeeps / MG (GAZ 67)

2 x Armoured Car / MG (BA 64)

1 x Towed AAA (ZPU4)


16 x Small Arms
8 x RPG
2 x HMG
4 x Mortar

4 x Technicals / MG

1 x Truck / RCL

2 x Truck / AAA
There will also be a commander in a GAZ jeep. I've even got a kit of a Mil Mi1 helicopter which the commander could use, if I can work out how to fit it into the rules.

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