Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Wanayani Bridge Too Far?

After the narrow yet convincing victory of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale against the Lumatans in the Mtwange-Batufu corridor, it was decided to secure the border between Nbuto and Zumata with a pre-emptive strike across the Chokwe River.

In the resulting clash with the Zumatan Defence Forces, there were several narrow escapes for the F.A.R.T. before victory was once again snatched from the grasp of Dr Kenko Gold.

As always, Radio Free Nbuto got the scoop...

Loyal Citizens of Nbuto,

Once again, the Force Action Rapide Territoriale has triumphed over the Zumatan aggressor. In a decisive advance, the regular units of F.A.R.T. crossed the Chokwe River to establish a defensive bridgehead, enabling mobile reinforcments to pursue Zumatan forces in the border zone.

The presence of a small armoured force adjacent to Wanayani Bridge on the Mtwange - Batufu highway, led to a major enemy counter attack on the defensive position established by our dug in troops. In the ensuing firefight an entire company of the Zumatan tank brigade were routed by accurate mortar fire, whilst advancing armoured car units were successfully repulsed by our mobile infantry.

Despite taking some heavy losses in men and vehicles, the firepower of the F.A.R.T. infantry brought the enemy to a standstill, giving time for re-enforcements to arrive on the Zumatan flanks. In a decisive move, an armoured car unit and elite jeep raiders caught the enemy in a striking pincer counter-attack, inflicting heavy casualties on his APC's and infantry. The enemy were repulsed by our swift and powerful counter strike, with many Zumatan troops abandoning their destroyed vehicles and fleeing for cover.

At this critical turning point, a sortie by the elite F.A.R.T. Armee de L'air helicopter gunship flight was aborted, as our regular forces through their professionalism and training, were more than able to handle the situation on the ground. Despite the arrival of a straggling Zumatan border police unit in the rear of our positions, a victory was assured over the enemy, with the battlefield firmly under F.A.R.T. control by nightfall.

With the arrival of the rainy season further military advances against the Zumatan - Lumatan axis of evil have been postponed until the floods recede. In this time, we will endeavour to rest and re-equip our valiant F.A.R.T. units, so that they are ready to meet any future aggression with swift resolution.

Intelligence reports have indicated the recent build up of Zumatan military capability including the aquisition of amphibious transport and materiel. We will valiantly resist any attempt by the forces of aggression on the shores of Lake Bagombo and further ensure the security of our land borders, if necessary through the use of pre-emptive force!

Vive Nbuto!

President Jean Phillpe Croissant
Commander, Force Action Rapide Territoriale

The apparent failure of F.A.R.T. helicopter air support (it arrived then immediately rolled a 6) was later explained in a...

F.A.R.T. press statement

Rumours of Zumatan air superiority over the Mtwange-Batufu border zone are entirely unfounded according to the Nbuto Armee de L'Air spokesman, Colonel Claude Brioche, who vehemently denied accusations of training deficiencies, equipment failures and fuel shortages in the helicopter attack element of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale.

It wasn't long before the Zumatan Broadcasting Corporation responded...

The Zumatan government reports that an unfortunate incident occurred two days ago on the border with the illegal republic of Nbuto.

During this time of conflict the Zumatan government decided to send humanitarian aid of food and medical supplies to our oppressed brothers and sisters inside Nbuto. The government of Zumata sent a letter to this effect to the government Nbuto. However it would appear the letter failed to reach the Nubto government due to a strike by Zumatan postal workers. Due to the large number of brigands and criminals in the border regions the Zumatan government decided that the best way to deliver the aid was in the APC's of the Zumatan royal guard, escorted by a large number of tanks and armoured cars.

As our peaceful aid convoy reached the border they found there way blocked by a detachment of F.A.R.T. regulars. Thinking quickly the convoy commander ordered his troops to fire a friendly twenty one gun salute to signal his peaceful attention. Unfortunately the F.A.R.T. forces replied with live mortar fire and heavy machine-guns.

In a desperate attempt to diffuse the situation lieutenant Legit order his tanks to retreat straight away. meanwhile captain Rash B'stard ordered his armoured cars to charge the enemy to cover the aid convoy's retreat. The convoy's APCs stopped to help the crew of a crashed helicopter.

As Zumatan troops attempted to disengage they where attacked by increasing numbers of F.A.R.T. forces including armour and jeeps with heavy weapons. The force commander was forced to call in mortar and air strikes which resulted in the destruction of several F.A.R.T. armoured vehicles. Our air cover provided by the RZAF also chased off an attempted attack by F.A.R.T. helicopter gunships that fled upon sighting our fighter-bombers.

Eventually captain B'stard was forced to cover the retreat of our aid convoy with his last armoured car and the help of a passing unit of the Royal Zumatan Constabulary.

This tragic incident has highlighted to the Zumatan government that no peace can be had with the criminal government of Nbuto. The zumatan government has vowed to use all its military resources be they navy, army, airforce and paramilitary to destroy Nbuto.

Jon has subsequently embarked on a massive military build up, concentrating on the construction of an impressive fleet of naval craft in order to launch offensive amphibious operations on the shores of Lake Bagombo. Unfortunately, they have subsequently suffered 'heavy storm damage' (he dropped the box they were in) so have been sent in for repairs.

Of course, spurious rumours of F.A.R.T. commando frogmen attaching limpet mines to the Zumatan naval vessels in Port Wabumbe, have been vehemently denied by the government of the Independant Republic of Nbuto.


  1. Excellent posts Jim. I really need to get a win don't I. At this rate we will be refighting the surrender/capture of the Zumatan capital of Westchester won't we.

    Cheers Jon

  2. I think the chances of a FART victory are pretty shaky given the recent investment in Zumatan military capability?

    I've been very lucky to be honest...I usually end up totally thrashed.

    A lot of the outcome is down to the disparity between Colonial Settler and the Dictatorship forces in the army lists, especially with respect to the professionals.




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