Sunday, 10 January 2010

Massacre in Mtwange

As you can imagine, the clash between the forces of FART and the Zumatan army wasn't going to swept under the carpet by President for Life, Dr Kenko Gold, and before long a renewed offensive by the Zumatan - Lumatan Alliance threatened the security of peace loving Nbuto.

From a Radio Free Nbuto broadcast...

Loyal Citizens of Nbuto,

A state of emergency is now declared.

All members of the people's volunteer reserve are ordered to report to units immediately. All regular infantry units of the F.A.R.T. have been mobilised. All training exercises by F.A.R.T. Airborne cadre are cancelled. All F.A.R.T. armoured units should re-fuel and re-arm at designated assembly areas.

Border patrols indicate a build up of Lumatan military forces in the Mtwange - Batufu corridor. Preliminary aerial reconaissance reports of crossing points on the Chokwe River suggest an imminent cross border strike by Lumatan armoured units supported by mobile infantry forces.

Citizens, To Arms!

Vive Nbuto!

Colonel Jean Phillipe Croissant,
President Independent Republic of Nbuto.

It wasn't long before the two sides clashed once more and Radio Free Nbuto was there to report:

Loyal Citizens of Nbuto,

Reports from the frontline are coming in of a major clash between forward units of the F.A.R.T. defence force and elements of the Lumatan Army, in the vicinity of Mtwange.

A pre-emptive strike by F.A.R.T. armoured forces across the disputed frontier zone of the Mtwange - Batufu corridor, met heavy resistance from Lumatan support units. Several of our newly aquired heavy armoured cars were knocked out in the exchange of fire but a Lumatan border patrol unit was completely routed in the following firefight.

In a co-ordinated advance, our armoured infantry siezed a vital objective at the Mtwange - Nkose crossroad, while elite infantry of the F.A.R.T. paratroop cadre advanced in a flanking spearhead to cut off the Lumatan support units entrenched in an area of dense scrub adjacent to the border crossing.

A rapid pincer movement by fast jeep borne raiders of the F.A.R.T. Special Forces then poured heavy fire into the Lumatan positions, causing severe casualties and confusion amongst the remaining defenders. To complete the encirclement, regular infantry of the F.A.R.T, defence forces then advanced on foot across the swampland from the direction of the Chokwe River, to occupy defensive positions adjacent to the Mtwange - Botufu highway.

Only the arrival of a Lumatan heavy armoured units, in a last ditch attempt to extract their remaining troops, prevented a decisive victory by the Force Action Rapide Territoriale. However, it is highly probable that a counter attack by Lumatan - Zumatan military forces will be launched upon out borders in the next few days. We will re-equip our armoured units and enhance our transport capability to meet this threat with resolute force!

Vive Nbuto!

Commandant Jean Phillipe Croissant
President, Independent Republic of Nbuto

In response, the Lumatan News Agency, gave it's version of events...

Lumatan Government press Release

Lumatan Military officials confirmed today that a military engagement took place two days ago between Lumatan forces and a group of hired thugs loyal to the Nbuto government.

Units of F.A.R.T. crossed the border into Lumatan territory via the sparsely populated Mtwange-Batufu corridor. Local forces of the Peoples Lumatan Unified Militia(P.L.U.M.) where in the area and attempted to stem the invasion. Captain Bogoff of the 3rd heavy motorised column was quick to leave the scene when his armed trucks came under fire from F.A.R.T. heavy armour. Captain Bogoff was let arrested in a cat house in Batufu and will faces charges for dereliction of duty.

Lumatan honour was saved by lieutenant Lobit At'em who's unit the 55th independent Mortar company held out despite being surrounded by vastly superior enemy numbers. Using the Lumatan armies new mkII AP mortar rounds the unit successfully destroyed the F.A.R.T. armoured forces as they advanced along the Batufu highway. Having dealt with the enemy armour the unit proceeded to drive off the enemy infantry with a sustained mortar barrage.

The arrival of Lumatan regular units including our new soviet tanks saw the battle turn in favour of our forces who destroyed several enemy APCs forcing F.A.R.T. units to retreat. Only the onset off darkness saved F.A.R.T. forces from total destruction at our hands.

The Lumatan government praises the efforts of the armed forces of P.L.U.M. and will continue to resist the efforts of the imperialists of Nbuto.

Long live the revolution!

A bit of a close run thing for the F.A.R.T. this time but the next battle would be a real cliffhanger...

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