Saturday, 23 January 2010


I've started to apply a heavy wetbrush basecoat of 50:50 GW Knarloc Green / Foundry Phlegm Green shade on the ARVN battlegroup. It's not quite the 'bronze green' shade I was after but it's only a basecoat so I'll play around with the next two drybrush highlights to get it spot on. In the picture you can see the end result of these layers, which consisted of a 50:50 drybrush of Knarloc Green / Phlegm Green and a following lighter drybrush of 50:50 Knarloc Green / GW Camo Green. The next stage will be to give them a wash of dark brown / black ink and a light highlight of GW Dheneb Stone.

I've also been doing some reading up on German Infantry Regiment ToE's for Norway. It looks like an infantry battalion with attached armour, AT guns and artillery might be a feasible project to go up against my Norwegians. Unfortunately, no one seems to make suitable winter figures in greatcoats apart from Pithead, whose range is OOP at the moment, not to mention Gebirgsjager!
On a more positive note, I have just received some extras for the Noggies from Pendraken, including some WW1 German limbers and teams for the field guns, some extra infantry figures and some WW2 German Ski Troops that are very cool and might form the basis of an attached recce platoon.

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