Tuesday, 26 January 2010

ARVN Bases

I decided to texture and undercoat the bases of the finished ARVN units yeserday as they didn't look good in just the undercoated mdf. I used the standard method of diluted PVA and fine sand to create some texture then, when it was dry, I washed over with GW Dark Flesh. This gives a good strong undertone for later drybrushing with lighter shades.

I'm trying to repeat some bases I painted up for both my HOTT skeleton army and my 12mm WW2 French battlegroup. For both of these I used a similar shade of red earth, followed by drybrushing and washing using GW colours, but I've forgotten which ones I used. It looks quite good and would be perfect for the orange soil of Vietnam, if only I could figure out how I did it!

The picture above, of a Hotchkiss 25mm AT gun, shows the sort of thing I'm aiming for. I guess I'll just have to experiment until I get it right. When I have cracked it I'll also have to work out how I'm going to do the flock and grass effects, to create something approaching an 'in country' look.

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