Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thunder Run

As I still haven't got any gel superglue, as a result of not going into town today as it was too cold for the sprogs, I decided to get a production run of M113 bits cleaned up ready for assembly.

I've managed to clean up six more ACAV's in the space of an hour and a half, which is pretty good given the fact that they have nine components each and the castings have great chunks of superfluous metal in inconvenient but highly visible places.

I read somewhere that the Minifigs molds are a bit knackered and, judging by this lot, I can believe it. Even though the detail on the models is very good, the fit of the various parts is a bit dodgy and the ammount of extra metal that I've had to carve, sand and file away has left a neat little pile of white metal shavings that, if melted down, would probably be enough to make an entirely new ACAV on their own.

I'm a bit fazed by this lot now and just want to get on with the painting. I'm aiming to get the last five ACAV kits cleaned up tomorrow and the whole lot assembled and based by the end of the weekend, providing I get the time.

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