Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Jon's AK47 Lumatan Army

Jon's posted some photos of his Lumatan superpower backed army on his blog:

That Yak 24 is superb! I love helicopters for AK47. I have a whole load of Mil Mi4's that I picked up on ebay a long time ago for an airmobile assault force in my planned dictatorship army.

At first I thought I could only use one helicopter for transporting my professional unit but, if the unit is quite big with multiple bases, I'd need two or three choppers to carry them in. I can, therefore, justify three or four models, plus some gunship support.

My Colonial Settlers already have a Heller Aerospatiale Llama for their gunship and I've got another unmade one plus a Heller Puma kit stashed away that I should really put together at some point. They cost a bit in points terms but are very effective, assuming they don't roll any sixes and get sent flying off the table at inopportune moments!

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