Saturday, 16 January 2010

ARVN Undercoating

I've started undercoating the ARVN this evening using Humbrol Matt Black spray, which gives a nice even coat and isn't as powdery as the GW basecoat stuff. So far, I've sprayed up the CO base and the attached M132, M106 and Recon M113, plus the ACAV's from the Recon Squadron.

This is it for the moment as I've been forced to spray them in the garage due to the torrential downpour outside. If I do any more tonight I'll start to see luminous multi-coloured flying pixies and end up with a thumping headache. Time to take a breather I think?

I've also added a few more bits of stowage to the various AFV's I've assembled including some baggage from green stuff, unditching poles from brass rod etc. It makes them look a little less uniform and a bit more lived in. I had fun making tiny packs and bags out of green stuff sausages but failed dismally to make coils of barbed wire out of fine gauge fusewire. I may try to make some .50cal ammo boxes too, if I can work out how to cut them from pasticard without pinging them all over the place.

Finally, I decided to add two more bases of special forces plus an HQ base to the battlegroup, as the single SpecFor platoon I attached to the regimental CO looked a bit lonely. I put the HQ on a 30mm x 30mm base as three spooks on a 40mm square looked a little odd and the smaller sized base looks just right next to the standard 40mm x 30mm infantry stands.

So I've now got a whole company of special forces to add some backbone to the reluctant ARVN. They'll have LAW upgrades to give them some firepower, as well as tight fitting tiger stripe fatigues, cool shades and some suitably rugged looking camo face paint. I'm not sure what they'd be doing attached to a Mechanised Infantry outfit but I'm sure I can come up with some sort of excuse for bringing them on.

I've also realised that my access to the CWC battlegroups thingy has run out, so I've re-subscribed in order to work out the revised set up and points total for the ARVN battlegroup (without all the hassle of doing it by hand).

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