Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Axles and Alloys 2

This looks like a lot of fun: http://axlesalloys2.blogspot.com/

I've had a long term plan to convert the old GW boardgame of Battlecars into a miniatures game using Hot Wheels cars and large 15mm Sci Fi figures. I've even converted a couple of toy cars into Mad Max style machines using some old Dark Future weapons sprues I picked up on ebay.

The one in the picture above is a Hotwheels Dodge Viper with a few 'extras' bolted on.

I'd seen the original Axles and Alloys rules before but with this new second edition I may well be tempted to raid the kid's toy box and retrieve all the Hot Wheels, Maisto and Matchbox cars that I bought for them (well, for me actually...just don't tell the boys).

It would make a quick filler in project for a rainy day and would give me the excuse for a bit of kitbashing / scratchbuilding too. I wonder if I can get some other club members to give the rules a test drive?


  1. Get those cars photographed and posted! :)

    I've never played nor seen anything of Battlecars other than sealed boxes in GW Birmingham "back in the day". Never quite certain if it is worth a punt on eBay to acquire a copy.

  2. It's worth a tenner. Good Beer and Pretzels game. My kids love it.

  3. Jim,
    very nice car! I really wish I'd kept my copy of Dark Future I used to love that game. I've never played battle cars though the name rings a bell.


  4. Nice car (although a Dodge Viper not a Mustang) :)

  5. Oops.

    I'd better change that then :O)