Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Superglue Crisis

Sounds a bit like one of those godawful Japanese manga comic things.

Actually, it's the result of my attempts to assemble an M113 ACAV using any old glue I could find in my box of useful stuff, having run out of the gel superglue that I normally use. I don't know if it's the cold weather, or some other inexplicable spanner in the works, but my attempts to superglue white metal things together have been fairly 'random' these last couple of days. Half the time the stuff just doesn't seem to set and the rest of the time it glues my fingers together.

I did, however, get one M113 ACAV done this evening despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth, before switching to something less traumatic i.e. the six stands of infantry for the two mechanised rifle squadrons. These were much less hassle to clean up and base, so I made good progress and got them all done in the space of half an hour or so.

I've used a combination of figures from the Minifigs WW2 US Infantry, US Marines and US Paratroopers packs plus M60 gunners and bloopers from the the Vietnam US Marines pack. I selected out the figures with carbines and BAR's as these look close enough to M14's to be good enough for ARVN. It also makes them distinctly different from the Vietnam US figures with the M16's, which is what I wanted to achieve.

I've also got some Minifigs Australians which I might base up as special forces to accompany the ARVN. I'm alllowed three bases of special forces in the army list so they could represent US LRRP's, ARVN LLDB's or something similar. I might as well use them and it would add a bit of backbone to the less than enthusiastic ARVN infantry, which would be quite handy.

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