Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Battlegroups and Basing

I've re-designed the Norwegian infantry battalion organisation to reduce the number of HQ's and have come up with this, using the battlegroups online gizmo for the number crunching:

1 x CO (CV8) CMD @ 90 [90]

1 x HQ (CV8) CMD @ 60 [60]

1 x FAO (CV6) CMD @ 15 [15]

9 x Infantry Unit (Regulars) INF @ 40 [360]

3 x Support Unit (MG, Colt) INF @ 40 [120]

1 x Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm) INF @ 75 [75]

2 x Artillery Unit (75mm) ART @ 30 [60]

2 x Transport Unit (Horses, Draught) TRN @ 5 [10]

6 x Artillery HE (60 points)
2 x Artillery Smoke (40 points)

Breakpoint 7
880 points spent of 900 points available (1000 points selected)

I've sent off for some WW1 German limbers and teams from Pendraken to provide the tows for the field guns so I could use them on table and dispense with the FAO and assets for roughly the same number of points. I decided against expanding the orbat to an entire regiment as it's only supposed to be a quick project and I can always build it up at a later date.

However, I should have enough spare figures to produce an ad-hoc recce unit and may even upgrade them with skis, using the WW2 German ski troops I've ordered, providing they match up with the Austro Hungarian figures in terms of appearance. Incidentally, I had a go at sanding down the Austro Hungarian kepi on one of the infantry figures today to try and make it look like a Norwegian field cap, and the experiment seemed to work really well!

I might also play around with the set up for the battlegroup using the options for hasty defence, which would give me the chance to build some field fortifications, log bunkers and roadblocks, for an added element of interest. Should be fun to do some bunker scratchbuilding using cocktail sticks, toothpicks and scraps of card?

I've also been thinking about basing for BKCII and have decided to go with the following, rather than adopting the same basing as my CWC ARVN:

Infantry - 40mm x 25mm
Support Weapons - 25mm x 25mm
HQ's - 25mm x 25mm
CO's - 40mm x 40mm
Artillery - not sure (25mm x 30mm?)
Vehicles / Limbers - as required.

This ties in with the suggestions in the BKC designer notes and also (co-incidentally) fits with some of the basing of my old French wierd is that?

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