Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pithead British

As a bit of a feasibility study I've costed the stuff I'd need to get from Pithead to do the 5th Battalion of the Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry including a battery of 25pdr's from the 214th Infantry Brigade's attached 179th Field Regiment RA.

This works out at £36.40 plus postage, so around £40.00 in total. Not bad!

I could add some extras such as a tank squadron, either 31st Tank Brigade Churchills (for Normandy) or Shermans of the Sherwood Rangers (for later on), an AT battery of 17pdrs and 6pdrs from the 333rd AT battery RA or a platoon or two of attached HMG's from C Company of the 8th Battalion The Middlesex Regiment, but these aren't essential and can easily be retro-fitted onto the infantry battlegroup as and when I feel like it.

Even if I don't tackle this lot now I could set them aside for a rainy day later in the scheme of things? And it doesn't break the N.Y.R. as I already have the rules and some 10mm British vehicles!

Time to make up my mind...

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