Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ambush at Corfe Castle continued...

I've had a rethink about the VBCW ambush game over the last couple of days. The original idea was to have an ambush along the A351 between Castle Hill and East Hill. This seemed like an ideal ambush point and matched up quite well with the layout of the Ambush at Kilmichael scenario from the Triumphant Standards supplement.

However, the slopes on either side of the valley at this point are very steep and also heavily wooded on the eastern side. As a result, it would be difficult to reproduce this on the tabletop without a lot of effort. It would also make it very difficult for the two sides to move without figures falling over all the time.

So, plan B is to move the area of the ambush to the road on the northern side of Castle Hill which runs alongside the River Wicken in the direction of Church Knowle. On the northern side of the road there is a belt of trees along the river bed and then an open area of fields leading up to the base of West Hill.

Castle Hill from the West. The River Wicken and the road run along the line of trees at the centre of the photo.

On the southern side of the road, the ground slopes steeply up to the castle with some areas of scrub and vegitation for cover. The lane itself runs from the junction with the main road in a long curve around the base of the hill until in crosses the stream over a small stone bridge and continues on in the direction of Church Knowle.

This layout would be much easier to model but still provides enough cover for the Anglican League militia, who would be positioned in the stream bed and on the side of Castle Hill. The BUF convoy would approach from the main road and would have to cross the bridge over the river at the far end of the table to escape.

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