Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Legends of the Old West

After the VBCW game yesterday Jon and I were having a chat about different rules that could be used for interwar skirmish level actions. Jon mentioned that there was an article in one of the wargame magazines which included stats and rules to convert Legends of the Old West for the VBCW.

I've played quite a few games of LoToW having been on of the two gamers who got it off the ground at the club when it was first published. I have a couple of posses which I've used in various games and even a short lived club campaign.

The first is a lawman posse of three hardened deputies led by Sheriff Ullysses T.Boggs, occasionally backed up by a hawk eyed lone gunfighter and bible thumping preacher.

The second is a Mexican outlaw posse, the Fajitas Gang, which features the four Fajita brothers Rico, Chico, Nico and Tico plus their cousin Mongo Chimichanga. They also have some back up from a Mexican Outlaw and the odd gunfighter when needed.

I'll post some photos of both posses some time later on. They have a few reinforcements that need to be finished off, including the mounted figures and a few extra foot figures but otherwise they're ready for action.

I'm trying to persuade Jon to give LoToW a try so hopefully will be able to set up a game some time soon.

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