Monday, 10 May 2010

Yet more Red Militia for VBCW

I had a think about the spare Empress Assaulto figures that I was going to use for BUF today. I thought they would be better used as extras for the Red Workers Milita, being dressed in boiler suits and having a certain revolutinary style about them.

The only problem would be the caps they are wearing which I would have to explain as belonging to railway workers or something similar.

However, the problem can be easily (?) solved by using some of the spare beret heads that Empress make for conversions to their SCW figures. I ordered a couple of packs together with a rather neat set of knee mortars and crew to add extra long range firepower to the workers as they man the barricades.

When they arrive, I'll have a go at some headswapping to see how easy it is to do. I've done it in 15mm before using the Peter Pig heads so 28mm can't be that difficult if I'm careful.

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