Wednesday, 19 May 2010

VBCW Red Militia Reinforcements

The Westwind French Resistance figures and Empress SCW heavy weapons arrived today, along with the two sets of beret heads to convert my spare Assaulto figures into workers militia.

I spent some time working out what to do with the kneeling French figures in an attempt to turn them into gun crew. I even considered using them as a basis for a team of sappers but that was after chopping them up a bit, so too late to try out the idea. In the end I used two of the standing figures, one with a pistol and the other with some wire cutters, as the gun crew leaving the kneeling figures for something else later on.

I also cleaned up the French figures with rifle, SMG and Molotov to add to the existing rifle sections of the Red Workers Militia. I had to replace the hand of the figure with the petrol bomb as it was badly cast, but otherwise the figures match up well with the Empress and Bolt Action stuff I've already based and have started to paint up.

I've also had a crack at converting four of the Assaultos with the spare beret heads and it seems to have worked quite well. It wasn't difficult to do, so I may do a couple more if I need to add some additional figures to the rifle sections later. Finally, I assembled the Maxim HMG and team which will be valuable as fire support. I haven't used the mortars yet and may well save them for something else.

I'm still waiting for the Musketeer Workers Militia figures to arrive at which point I'll have more than enough figures for a full platoon of Reds.

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  1. Nice figures comrade. This project is progressing well.