Tuesday, 11 May 2010

BUF 1 Anglicans 0

Here are a few photos from the VBCW game we played this evening using the Great War rules and the Storm the Hill scenario. The BUF and Royalist militia were assaulting the hill top trenches that were defended by the local Anglican League.

It was a bit of a walk over in the end as the BUF had a lot more firepower than the Anglicans, despite the deployment of the fearsome Smith Gun. A preliminary bombardment obliterated the vicar CO and his HQ before the game even started, which not surprisingly threw the Anglicans into confusion.

The BUF commander, Major Short Cummins, then successfully used the Royalist local yokels as an assault wave while outflanking the hill top defenders with the BUF legion rifle sections. The miltia were wiped out and routed, leaving the blackshirts to mop up what was left of the Anglican League defenders.

The tankette played a crucial role despite bogging down as it climbed the hill and tried to cross the enemy trenches, as did the BUF Vickers which hammered the hill top trenches at the critical moment. The Anglican's put up a good fight but the firepower of the BUF was just too great for them to hold onto their exposed hill top position.

It was a fast game and the Great War rules worked well although designed for larger scale Western Front type games. I think Through the Mud and Blood would work better and would allow for a greater element of randomness and unpredictability. We also discussed the possibility of using LOTOW as a basis for a set of lower level rules.


  1. Fantastic and inspriring. Lovely pictures.I really love the orange 'fire'. the scenery was simple but very effective.

    With regards to rules, do you not think LotWW is a bit too character based- The leaders quickly end up a bit too powerful, compaired to the rank and file. I think this is fine for cowboys, but not very 'realistic'- what do you think?

    After seeing your stuff I feel so inspired I am going to press on with my Liverpudlian Communists right now!

  2. Thanks Rob

    I'm not sure about LoToW either but we're trying out anything and everything to find out what fits best.