Sunday, 9 May 2010

BUF Base Painting

I had a bit of a nightmare with the BUF bases today, which was unexpected as I'm usually not bad at producing decent looking bases. I decided on a three stage Foundry Rawhide approach but having completed them they really didn't look right.

They were far too bland and lacking in definition. So I added a wash of GW Calthan Brown and things started looking better, at least as a basecoat. After that I struggled to find a suitable shade to drybrush over the top to bring out the texture but eventually settled on GW Dheneb Stone.

The end result is far from perfect but will be covered by a generous application of static grass anyway, so I'm not too bothered. I'm leaving them now as I've had enough but will add the static grass and a few extra highlights tomorrow. As you can see, I've tried this out with one figure and it hides all the dodgy bits quite well.

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