Monday, 10 May 2010

Contemptible (very) Little Armies

I've got a game on at the club tomorrow with my BUF against Jon's Anglican League. We've been umming and arring about the rules that we're going to use so I'm taking along at least three sets to try out.

These include Through the Mud and Blood, which would be my first choice if I had the time to set up the cards etc, Warhammer Great War, To the Last Man and finally, the set that I'm most familiar with, Contemptible Little Armies.
It's not ideal for skirmish level gaming but it is the easiest option in terms of setting up and speed of play, given that I've used it many times for the Back of Beyond. So, I've been giving some thought to the stats and points for my small BUF flying column and have come up with this:

BUF Flying Column
1 x Commander @ 0 points

1 x Staff Officer @ 50 points

2 x 10 man Rifle Sections (T3 / M4) @ 7 points + 1 x Lewis Gun (+ 12 points) = 152 points

(note: each section NCO has a trench broom)

1 x Vickers HMG @ 56 points

3 x Unarmoured Lorries @ 9 points = 27 points

1 x CV35 tankette (1 x MG FF + 1 x Flame FF / 2 x D6 move) @ 80 points

Total = 365 points

Not a lot in other words...but then it's not a set of rules designed for this sort of thing in the first place, so it may not even work!

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