Sunday, 2 May 2010

BUF Painting Finished

I was lucky enough to get a few hours or painting in today, which is pretty rare for me as I'm usually tied up at the weekends with the kids and/or DIY, ironing, work etc etc.

Anyway, the BUF have been pretty well finished off which means that I hit the deadline spot on for this mini project. The figures had the rifles painted in GW Dark Flesh then washed with Flesh Ink. I think I'll add another highlight to the rifles but they don't look too bad as they are. The Vickers and Lewis guns were painted in three stages of Foundry Phlegm Green whilst the Bergmann trench brooms had a single drybrush of GW Codex Grey.

After that, the epaulettes were painted in GW Enchanted Blue and highlighted in GW Ice Blue. To finish off, I painted the hair in various shades of brown and grey, with an ink ash to add definition. The boots and leather holsters were painted in Foundry Chestnut Brown with a wash of brown ink. A few extra bits of detailing including shirt colours, ties, belt buckles and so on, and they're done. The flag in the photo is a temporary effort and will get sorted out later on.

I also painted the tracks, wheels and flame fuel hose on the CV35 which now looks less like a little green box and more like a tank, even if it's designed for spagetti munching fascist midgets.

I need to varnish the figures then texture the bases before painting them, which is the plan for tomorrow. I also need to get the lorries done, so they'll get and undercoat tomorrow and a couple of layers of drybrushing if I have the time.

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