Monday, 10 May 2010

BUF Flying Column Finished

I finally finished off the BUF Flying Column this afternoon by adding some static grass and a few bits of woodland scenic foliage. I also added the flag to the standard and covered up any minor gaps in the paintwork before giving the whole lot a spray varnish with GW Satin hardcoat.

I've enjoyed doing this mini-project and so I'm looking forward to the Red Workers Militia, which I may well tackle in June. In all the BUF took two weeks to complete from cleaning up the first figure to spraying the varnish, so pretty good even though there's only twenty five of them plus the vehicles.

The BUF have their first convoy action tomorrow so will probably crash and burn, being new. One good thing is that I can't actually lose with this lot, as a victory is a victory (hooray!) and a defeat also a victory as they're nasty fascists (ha ha!).

That's my way of thinking anyway.

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  1. probably crash and burn, being new

    Yeah, I get that too! Why is that?