Tuesday, 4 May 2010

BUF Lorries

I had a crack at the lorries for the BUF tonight, starting with a three layer wet and drybrush of Foundry Phlegm Green. The shade layer went on OK but the mid and top layer ended up a bit slimy, as for some reason this particular pot is very liquid and the satin black undercoat wasn't a good base layer as a result.

So, I left them for a bit then came back and had a go at one of the lorries to clean it up and try out some drybrush weathering. I gave it a light coat of GW satin varnish to dull it down and create a good base for painting. I also added a little GW Camo Green highlighting then got stuck in with a bit of weathering to the chassis using three layers of Foundry Rawhide. Finally, I had a go at the flatbed with some Foundry Chestnut shade but this ended up a bit slimy, so I left it at that.

You can see the three stages I went through this evening in the picture.

There's still a lot to do, including the flatbed, the headlights, tyres, decals and extra highlighting, but I'm not too unhappy about the progress so far. I'll crack on tomorrow to get the other lorries up to this stage and the other one finished off, if I get the time.

I need to get them done as they're going to be deployed for a game next Tuesday against Jon's Anglican League local yokels down in deepest darkest Dorset.

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