Saturday, 22 May 2010

VBCW Ambush

I've been thinking a bit more about a possible game for VBCW using Through the Mud and Blood and a scenario from the Triumphant Standards supplement.

The Irish Civil War Ambush at Kilmichael scenario looks like a distinct possibility as it could be easily converted to the VBCW and requires a minimum of terrain. I'd have to scratch build some road sections and perhaps a few lengths of dry stone walling but otherwise it's a very straightforward set up.

The forces might need to be scaled down a fraction to fit what I've got and would need to be equipped with some automatic weapons to balance things out. I've already got the transport for the BUF convoy and enough figures to field a decent sized force of twenty or so, which means I don't need to paint up any extras.

I'll be working out the cards needed for this game over the next couple of days and then hope to work them up into a set over the following week.

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