Monday, 24 May 2010

VBCW Ambush Update

The ambush game is set for the 15th of June, which gives me enough time to work out the cards for BUF and Anglican League, read through the rules to get me up to speed on the way things work and scratch build some road sections to use as the country lane running across the board.

In terms of relocation, the only place I can think of that roughly matches the layout of the scenario is Corfe Castle. The gap at Corfe has steep sided slopes on either side but also features some woodland and a railway line.

To keep things simple we'll leave the railway line off board and add some trees to the table as cover. The marshy ground on the south edge of the table can also be replaced by a some sloping ground and fields leading up to the foot of castle hill. I think it won't make a big difference to the dynamics of the scenario but I may have to give things a bit more thought just in case.

The Red Militia didn't get any further this weekend due to lots of family stuff, DIY, gardening and so on but I'm hoping to crack on with them this evening.

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