Tuesday, 17 August 2010

AK47 Summer Offensive [11]

The Regular armour unit has been cleaned up and assembled. As you can see, it consists of two T34/85's and a single SU122. They need a bit of stowage but are otherwise ready to undercoat.

The first of the Militia truck technicals has also been put togther and consists of a Peter Pig 76mm Russian AT gun on the flatbed of a Skytrex M54 5 ton truck. I have another two of these to complete, one with a 105mm RCL and the other with a ZPU1 AAA mount.

I've also put together two Skytex BA64 armoured cars, complete with upgraded HMG armament and gunners, cut down from normal Peter Pig standing crew figures and barrels from the AK47 Soviet HMG pack. I'll post some photos of these tomorrow.

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