Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pirate Crew

I managed to find the Crusader pirates this afternoon, although it took me a while to locate them. For some reason I had stashed them in a box with some gladiators. I'm sure I had a logical reason for doing so but it's long forgotten by now.

So, here we have the pirate crew consisting of a hardcore boarding party of Crusader figures plus a couple of Copplestone Darkest Africa tribal askaris that seemed to fit the bill. I have a couple of spare Crusader figures, including a cabin boy and a loony with a mohican, but decided to leave them out, along with the 'cat in the hat' in the top right of the picture, as they didn't have the same 'look' as the others.

To finish off this scurvy mob I've also ordered a gun crew and some deck guns via Northstar, together with some generic pirate crewmen, so that I can eventually equip a sloop or brig of some sort with it's full complement of cannon and crew.

Finally, I've taken a couple of photos of my Copplestone Amazonian tribesmen, who will stand in very well for Carribbean island natives or Mesoamerican cannibals. I have a few more of these unpainted so I could easily add them as extras.

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  1. Pirates versus Gladiators? Now that sounds like a game I'd buy! :-)