Saturday, 14 August 2010

BD J Jour 02

I had a quick look at the BD titles in the local supermarket today and spotted this:

The basic premise is that D-Day didn't work, which is the usual set up for these 1946 type scenarios, leaving the Russians free to squish the Third Reich and cross the Rhine in the opposite direction.

The Allies launch Operation Torch in the South of France instead and advance all the way to the Seine, to meet the Russians in a Berlin Wall type standoff in Paris.

Apart from the cool cover art, I think this is quite a feasible scenario and one which opens up all sorts of realistic counterfactual gaming opportunities, without all the Nazi wierd science codswallop that usually permeates these sort of things.

I might get a copy for future reference, assuming I can be bothered to translate it that is.

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  1. What an interesting find - the other issues look just as interesting, especially the Red September one!