Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A slightly larger bit of the Atlantic Wall

We went on a day trip to Audierne today which meant I had the excuse to visit a few more bunkers. I spotted a cluster of four on the map about three kilometers inland on a hill just to the south west of Pouldreuzic. I guessed that they might be a gun battery which is what they turned out to be.

They were large casemates for what I guess would have been medium calibre field artillery, as there were large access doors in the back and hardstandings for the guns with concrete traverses for the trails.

Two of the casemates were very overgrown but the other two were in pretty good condition. Each consisted of a large open gun position with two smaller rooms at the rear on either side of a large rear door. At least one of the casemates also had a small tobruk stand type observation position on the top, with access from a stairway set into the rear face of the bunker.

There were several painted wall markings in the three casemates I could get access to. The black painted panel, with what appears to be ranges and rates of fire, was common to all three but there were also some individual inscriptions that had survived. If you can help decipher them I'd be interested in what they refer to.

The interior paintwork was desert yellow-ish, which was different from the bunker I found the other day. The metal roof reinforcing girders were badly decayed bit otherwise the concrete structures were in excellent condition, unlike a lot of these structures which suffer from vandalism, subsidence and general deglect.

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  1. Seventh picture is just a No Smoking sign - probably the entrance to the armoury!