Sunday, 29 August 2010

HOTT 15mm Skeleton Army

I mentioned my Hordes of the Things skeleton army a few days ago so thought I'd take a few pictures and post them here to show you what it looks like. The force consists of:

1 x General hero @ 4AP

1 x Wraith Sneakers @ 3AP

1 x Skeletal Flyer @ 2AP

4 x Skeleton Spears @ 2AP

2 x Skeleton Shooters @ 2AP

1 x Skeleton Artillery @ 3AP

I have a few extra bases so that I can fiddle around with the army composition as and when they see some action. All of the figures are from the HOTT 15mm range with the exception of the undead bird thing which is an old Citadel Warhammer figure.

I still need a stronghold but, after a fortuitous find at the local tip, I now have a Greek style temple ruin from an old fish tank that will probably do the trick. It's very much in the style of Jason and the Argonaunts so it should look the part.

I really should do some more armies for HOTT as I have a mountain of suitable figures to use. I think a game or two would be a good idea first though, so that i can work out the ideal mix of units and figures.


  1. That is a stunning army !

    I just discovered the HOTT rules myself and I'm planning my first armies.

    Will keep an eye on things here ... maybe I can pinch an idea or two here ;-)