Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Legends of the High Seas

I saw this for a resonable price on the net yesterday so, for no particularly good reason, decided to get a copy. I didn't jump on the pirate bandwagon when it kicked off a few years ago as, at the time I was into the Old West and Back of Beyond as far as skirmish gaming is concerned. I also didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean that much, let alone the pretty dire sequels.

However, I do have a small selection of Peter Pig pirates in 15mm that I bought ages ago for a HOTT army that never materialised, so I haven't broken the all important New Years Resolution (not to start any new projects that I didn't have rules or figures for). I'm not sure if 15mm is the way to go but it would certainly make shipbuilding a lot easier and I have a fair bit of terrain for PITS and AK47 that could be used as well.

If I did go 28mm, I'd keep it to a minuimum, with ebay helping to keep the cost down to something sensible. I quite fancy doing some English Privateers and Spanish Conquistadors rather than the usual Eighteenth Century pirates. Who knows?

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  1. I think 15mm is a perfect choice for those "side projects". Quick and easy to paint and the miniatures are pretty good value. If you already have terrain in that scale then all the better.

    I'm doing something similar with Napoleonic Skirmishes using Songs of Drums and Shakos, I really wanted to do it in 28mm but just couldn't justify the cost for a game we may play at most a dozen times a year.