Wednesday, 11 August 2010

AK47 Project Air

The C47 aquisition reminded me of the Project Air add on for AK47 that was written a few years ago by someone on the RFCM group. I had a look at it and reckon I could adapt the suggested rules for Strike Missions into a system that could be used for paratroop airdrops.

The strike rules are as follows:

2.0 Strike Missions
Strike missions can only be carried out upon terrain templates or upon a specific significant geographical feature (such as a crossroads or bridge). Before any units are placed on the table, the player planning the strike mission must secretly record which template or feature is to be subject to the attack. They must also decide which game turn the strike is occurring in.

2.1 Resolving Strike Missions
At the start of the turn on which the strike is to take place, the player planning the strike places an aircraft model anywhere on his home table edge (If the strike is planned for the first turn of the game, placement occurs after all ground units have been diced and arrived units placed) and announces the intended target.

The aircraft is considered to move in a straight line from the point of placement, through the middle of the target, and then off the table. Initially, the aircraft is then placed at the point of it’s flight 12” from the intended target. Anti-aircraft fire is resolved in the usual way.

If the aircraft survives, the striking player may carry out attacks....

(I've snipped this bit as it's not relevant)
The aircraft is then taken off the table.

If I replaced the deleted bit with some simple rules for the actual air drop, along the lines of roll 1D6 per base, 1-2 drop OK, 3-4 pinned, 5-6 base destroyed, I think I'd have something worth trying out. The AAA rules from the AK47 Supplement should be workable too, although I'll have to check them out when I get back home to see if they'll fit.
It'll need a bit of polishing but I think it has potential.
I'd also need to work out who could have airborne units and how much they'd cost. I think that they should only be available to those forces that have Professional troops and should be fairly expensive.

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