Tuesday, 13 December 2011

AK47 Fleet Review

The fleet anchored in Mjuba Bay

The Amphibious Assault Force is state of the art

The Mbote navy conducts regular training exercises

The Mbote army is fully trained in amphibious operations

Amphibious fire support is fully integrated at a tactical level
I finished off the last bits on the submarine this evening, after a very long and very tedious day at work, so to cheer myself up I thought I'd assemble the flotilla for a naval review. I'm going to add some further vessels to the fleet in 2012, including four more swamp boats and another Panga class patrol vessel but, for the moment, here's the Mbote Coastal Defence Force in all it's amphibious glory.

Bunga Bunga!

(that'll put the wind up the Zumatans...?)


  1. They look fantastic! But I blame you for my recent purchases!

  2. And oops.. here they are:


  3. I'm sure the Mbote Commodore is well chuffed with his Squadron!