Friday, 9 December 2011

Knights of the Sky 1915 [2]

I got up in the loft yesterday and had a good rummage around for suitable kits for the Autumn of 1915. I only need aircraft for the British and French so I left a couple of Fokker EIII / IV's and an Albatros CIII kit on the shelf for another day.

However, I did locate the Aeroclub Bristol Scout, which looks like a relatively simple proposition in construction terms and will look pretty cool once it's built. I also found another Morane 'Bullet' which I'll paint up in French colours.

The Avro 504 option is also possible, as I found a box containing three kits that I'd acquired cheap in a toy shop sale. I reckon that I can sand down the side panels of the cowling to make them look more like Avro 504c's, then re-model the cowling and engine to match. I'm not sure what or how to arm them but a Lewis gun on a pintel mount seems to be the best option.

Finally, I was pleased to find an old Pegasus kit of a Vickers Gunbus in the Freightdog Models online shop for a bargain £7.99:

I've ordered one and may build it if I can summon up the courage to tackle the tail booms and struts. I haven't built a Pegasus kit before but reckon I can do a decent job for wargaming purposes, although it'll be a bit of a fiddle.

I think this might be the a cracking project for the New Year!

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