Sunday, 11 December 2011

Books, Books and more Books

We had some shelving built in the sitting room a few months ago and the wife has been nagging me to empty the loft of my book collection and fill up the shelves ever since. Today I was given the afternoon to do just that while the family went to town to do some xmas shopping.

This turned out to be a major logistical exercise involving quite a lot of lifting and shifting, not to mention some precarious balancing on the loft ceiling bearers. I managed to shift most of the books and get them shelved but there are still a couple of packing boxes full to be moved at a later date.

The other shelf in the sitting room is full of my paperback books already but they might get shifted over to the new shelves as there's a bit of space left. The top row of shelves will be filled up with my CD collection, mainly jazz but some other stuff as well, although I never get to play it due to the Ministry of Sound vetoing anything that isn't French lift music.

I've also finished reading Home Waters MTB's  and MGB's at War, which was very good, particularly for scenario ideas. As a result, I've decided to re-read Bryan Cooper's The War of the Gunboats which I originally read several years ago in tatty paperback format. I now have a nice new hardback edition, so I'm looking forward to a bit of coastal warfare research.


  1. Please let me know about that book, it looks very interesting indeed!

  2. Ah, the sweet strains of French Lift Music. Might I suggest Debussy?