Friday, 9 December 2011

NEWSFLASH - Submarine spotted in Lake Bagombo (Reuters)

From our naval affairs corresponent in Abadwe

At an emergency press conference this morning, the Nbuto Minister for Military Affairs, Colonel Jean Claude Gruyere, presented to the international press irrefutable evidence of an escalation in the on-going conflict between the belligerent states of Mbote and Zumata.

The photographs displayed at the press conference clearly show a coastal class submarine aground at an undisclosed location on the shores of Lake Bagombo. In his statement, Colonel Gruyere identified the submersible as a newly aquired Kikulu class submarine of the Mbote Coastal Defence Force.

Constructed in Taiwan to a joint Albanian-Italian design, the Kikulu class represents a massive leap forward in military capability for Mbote. It's unique four speed encyclical crash gearbox allows it to move in reverse at very high speed, whilst it's single 12'' torpedo tube is positioned in an innovative conning tower mounting, allowing for no reloading and constricted access to the uniquely thin-walled pressure hull crew compartment.

According to the Nbuto government, the vessel ran aground yesterday near the mouth of the Chokwe river after suffering an undisclosed mechanical failure. The crew have been detained in the naval base at Port Mtumtu pending their re-patriation to Mbote, as dictated by the recent Mbote-Nbuto Non Aggression Pact.

This evidence of an escalation of hostilities between Mbote and Zumata will cause deep concern in the region and will raise serious doubts about the likelihood of a ceasefire between the two warring nations. The Mbote Minister for War, Colonel Banga B'oum, has denied any allegations of aggression on the part of Mbote and has been unavailable for comment today.

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  1. Let me guess, the conning tower torpedo tube is designed to fire directly upward! Loving all of your naval craft so far, cannot wait to see how the sub turns out....