Tuesday, 6 December 2011

AK47 Submarines!

I couldn't resist bidding on one of these, which I spotted on ebay a couple of days ago. It's 1/144th scale so really too small for 15mm but I reckon I can get away with it if I add a couple of figures in the conning tower and sand off some of the obviously underscale bits. It's about 10'' long, according to the various kit reviews I've read online, so perfect for on table use and not too big to be ridiculous (probably). 

I'll need to cut it down to a surfaced waterline version and leave off the spindly parts but I think it'll look very cool next to my surface fleet. It will be ideal for landing naval commado raiding parties on the shores of Lake Bagombo so I'll class it as a boat in the rules, armed with a machine gun for self defence. If we end up playing a navalised version of AK47 then it may be a little more potent?

Bonkers but...who cares!

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