Tuesday, 6 December 2011

WW1 Knights of the Sky Game

At this time of the year there's usually a multiplayer WW1 aerial game at the club, utilising the club rules Knights of the Sky and our extensive collection of 1/72nd scale plastic kit built planes.

This evening seven of us got together for a dogfight over the skies of Cambrai in December 1917. I had planned to build a couple of Albatros DV's for the game but, as it turned out, there were already plenty in the club collection, so they weren't needed.

I did bring along my SE5a's and my trusty RE8, which managed to survive almost to the end of the game thanks to some plucky aerobatics by the pilot, Major Short Cummins RFC, and the accurate defensive fire of his rear gunner, Sgt Scrote. It was good fun as always and we had a few laughs, which is the aim of the game.


  1. looks fantastic - ive been trying to get ww1 gaming up and running in my area for years.

  2. Any chance of getting a look at your club rules?
    My email is anonomice@gmail.com