Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Xmas Holiday Projects

At this time of year I usually plan a project or two for the holidays, most of which we spend at the in laws in France. I've given up trying to paints things after having failed to get anything done on previous holiday attempts but have had some success in preparing and basing armies ready for painting up back home.

This year I'll be taking the box of Darkest Africa tribal figures for the Nkonde army that I started on back in October. I'll aim to get a couple more spear armed units cleaned up and based, along with some archer and the independent figures. This will then make it easy to get the army painted up early in 2012.

I'm also going to take a second box of something or other to clean up and base for future painting. At the moment this will either be some new colonial settlers for AK47, which I can use as the basis of a new army or as mercenaries for my dictatorship force, or some 1/600th scale coastal warfare models.

I've always wanted to do 1/600th WW2 coastal forces and have had it on the annual list of 'things to do' for the last three years. I'm determined to get it started in 2012 despite having about half a dozen existing projects in the 'ready to paint' box already. 

I'll be setting out my plans for next year over the holidays as usual and I'm sure some of the old projects, like the 1/2400 Victorian ironclads, the 28mm Gladiators and the Wings at War 1/600 MiG Alley! aircraft will feature somewhere in the schedule. As a result, I think a few MTBs and E boats won't be over indulgent!

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