Monday, 12 December 2011

The Little Ships

I saw this little hardback book on ebay last week for a couple of quid and thought it looked very interesting. It was published in October 1943 by Hodder and Stoughton and was written by Gordon Holman, author of Commando Attack! (presumably a similar volume). It's referenced in a number of coastal warfare books that I've read and I now have a copy myself.

The best bit about it are the charcoal and watercolour illustrations, which are done in a very boys own style but really capture the iconic imagery associated with the MTB and MGB forces in the first half of the war. I've taken a few dodgy photos and have posted them here to give you some idea of what I mean. I think they're great!

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  1. Excellent find; some atmospheric drawings there; put me very much in mind of that film with Richard Attenborough, 'The Ship that died of shame' - some good stuff on MTBs/MGBS to be seen in that..