Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Knights of the Sky 1915

One of the chaps at the club yesterday asked if we could do an early war game of Knights of the Sky at some point next year. I organised a 1916 game a few years ago along these lines and so have a collection of earlier war types already. This consists of three Fokker EIII's, an early Roland CII and a Pfalz EIV for the Germans, together with four DH2's, three (French) Nieuport 11's and a single Morane N Bullet for the RFC.

It was a good game but the DH2's had a definate advantage over the Eindeckers, which swung the outcome in their favour, despite the back up a couple of more up to date Roland CII's. As a result, I'm thinking of setting any future scenario in the summer and autumn of 1915 during the notorious period of the Fokker Scourge. This would even things out a bit but will require at least two or three new models for the RFC.

I have, in the big box of kits in the loft, a limited run Aeroclub kit of a Bristol Scout that I can build, together with a second Revell Morane Saulnier N kit that can be added to the one I already have. I also have an A Model Spad SA2 kit but that might be a bit fiddly to build and rather fragile, not to mention a probable death trap for the crew and a pain for the player who has to try to use it.

I'm sure I have a couple more kits that can fill up the numbers but I'll have to have a rummage to see what I can find. As a last resort, I can always build an old Airfix Avro 504 with a few early war tweaks to make it fit. When I get round to this is anyones guess but it is a possible diversion for the half term holidays in February, once I've made some in-roads into the leadpile.

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