Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Death of the Scharnhorst

We travelled back home yesterday which took over fourteen hours due primarily to the long ferry journey between St Malo and Portsmouth. On the journey I read The Death of the Scharnhorst which I found in a cupboard before we left, having forgotten to pack it on a previous trip to the in laws.

It passed the time very well and was well worth the read. I'm not going to shoot off on a WW2 naval project as a result, although I have a few 1/6000 scale ships somewhere and a couple of sets of rules. However, it's a well written and very readable book which would be an excellent basis for a small scale naval scenario.

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  1. We ran a refight of the North Cape action on board HMS Belfast over Christmas in 2003. It does indeed make a fascinating subject for a mini campaign. We had the added benefit of a few veterans of the real action turning up to pass (favourable) comment as well.