Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Go Strong Into The Desert

I bought a copy of this rather splendid book at Colours a couple of years ago but didn't get round to reading it until now. I've brought it along with me for some background research on the Gordon Relief Expedition and the Suakin Field Force, with particular emphasis on the uniforms of the various units involved, at least one of which will feature in my Anglo Egyptian infantry force for PITS. I quite like the idea of some Royal Marine Light Infantry, backed up by a contingent of the naval brigade with Gardner guns, but some further reading is needed before I make up my mind.


  1. It really is the definitive book of its type.

  2. I hear nothing but good of this book. Must look it out one of these days. Another useful work on the Suakin Expedition is "Fighting the Fuzzy-Wuzzy" by Capt. E. A. DeCosson, the water/logistics officer for the force.