Thursday, 1 December 2011

AK47 Winter Quarters [3]

Not a lot of progress today, as I'm a bit knackered and haven't had the time to get down to anything on the workbench as a result. Nonetheless, I was pleased to get a couple of things in the post today which will add to the the AK47 pile in a positive way.

First up are the extra wagons for the railway train which I've managed to fit onto the TT guage track with a bit of superglue to fix the wheels in at an angle. They run on the track perfectly as a result, although it's more of a slide than a free wheel. The diesel loco didn't like this approach, so I just glued up the wheels then cut them off at the bottom so that it now sits on top of the rails rather than tipping sideways.

The second arrival was a Dinky diecast air sea rescue launch from ebay, which cost me a little short of three quid and is destined for the Mbote navy. It's the same casting as the standard Patrol Boat but with a new superstructure which is not far off 1/100th scale. I'm not sure how to fit it out with weaponry, apart from the stern mounted AAA, so will have to work something out. I quite fancy side mounted missile pods?

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