Monday, 11 February 2013

Back to Bag The Doodlebug

This is a bit of a blast from the past but it's something I've been meaning to get round to for a long time. You may remember my attempt to get myself sorted for this Bag The Hun 2 'game within a game' a while back. I did complete eventually everything I needed for Bag the Doodlebug including a variety of 1/285th scale RAF fighters, a V1 rocket and the turn cards for the game:

However, for various reasons, it never actually happened although I did manage a quick try out with some stand in aircraft at the club, which seemed to suggest that there was a game worth playing but with a few tweaks to make it more 'funky'.

As a result, I'm planning to revive the project as a participation game, intiallly for club use but later on perhaps as a game to tour the local shows. This time, I'm going to make life easier for myself by using pre-painted 1/144th scale F-Toys Meteor I's and P51B Mustangs, together with some cheap but effective plastic kits of the Tempest V from the re-released Revell Mini-kits range.

I've also got some Corgi diecast DH Mosquito IV's that I bought for the projected 633 Squadron game, which is way off the radar for logistical reasons. They're roughly 1/144th scale and pre-painted, so only need a bit of a wash and brush up to be deployed. The plan is to use the club Hexon terrain suitably tarted up with trees, roads and villages, to represent a long corridor of  airspace. The V1's will buzz toward their target on a fairly steady course, rapidly pursued by the fighters which will attempt to wing-tip or blast them out of the sky. 

It's early days yet but I've already sourced several of the planes and had some thoughts about adjustible flight stands to make the game more dynamic. There's some interest at the club too, so I know I'll have some support when it comes to adapting and playtesting the rules. At the moment, it';s all a bit in the planning stage but I'm sure it will come together fairly smoothly, especially once I've run a demo version of the existing 'official' rules using my 1/285th scale stuff.

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  1. I hope 633 Squadron does see the light of day eventually. it sounds like a great project.