Thursday, 28 February 2013

Narrow Seas [2]

I've been rummaging in the Coastal Forces box to pick out the various MTB's, MGB's and other craft that I'll be tackling over the weekend, this being the project of the month. I've decided to paint up the following for 1942/43 in action in the English Channel and North Sea:
  • 2 x Fairmile B ML's
  • 6 x Vosper 72' 6'' MTB's (Skytrex)
  • 3 x BPB 72' MGB's (PT Dockyard)
  • 1 x Fairmile A ML (Skytrex) - for special forces use.
  • 1 x Denny SGB (Skytrex)
  • 1 x Fairmile B ASR ML (Skytrex) and/or 1 x RAF ASR Launch (Tumbling Dice)
  • 1 x Round Table Class Trawler (Skytrex)
  • 1 x Admiralty Drifter (Tumbling Dice)
This seems like a bit of a mixed bag but will give me lots of options for different types of scenarios including convoy escort, minelaying, convoy attack, E Boat ambushes, SOE or commando insertions, air sea rescue and a few more that don't immediately spring to mind.

I'm planning to start on the preparation stages for this lot over the weekend, if and when I have the time. I'm also thinking of ordering some more BPB MGB's and a few other things from PT Dockyard but this really depends on the cost, as last time I got stung by customs and excise.

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  1. Glad to read about your coastal project! This part of WWII intrigues me, and I'm currently painting (or have painted) the 1/1200 ships from Figurehead.