Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bag The Hun Campaign Plans

I promised to set up and run some games at the club this year, so I've launched a mini-campaign for Bag The Hun 2 using the Finest Hour campaign supplement as a basis. I've decided to make it a semi-historical campaign, in the loosest sense of the phrase, by basing the set up on No609 West Riding Squadron. This unit was based at nearby Middle Wallop and the satellite airfield at Warmwell, which will give the campaign a local flavour.

I've got four players signed up already, so they will form the initial section and flight commanders, each with the identity of their historical counterparts. It's unlikely that they'll all be on a sortie at any one time so, in between flying for the RAF they will take the role of the Luftwaffe, along with anyone else who happens to drop in for a game. I'll track their progress over a week in August 1940, which will allow me to put on half a dozen games over the year, with at least one a month being the bottom line.

It should be fun but I will need to paint up twelve Raiden Miniatures Spitfire MkI's in the next few weeks, so that I can kick things off after the Easter holidays. In the longer term, I also need to paint up some more Bf109's and some He 111's, to add to the aircraft that I already have in the box. It's not too much of a tall order but I do need to get on with it sooner rather than later.

Tally Ho!

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