Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gas! Gas! Gas!

We got home late this afternoon to find a trench half way across the drive and a sheepish looking workman down a hole in the adjacent bit of the pavement. The gas company had been digging up the road to lay a new gas main but this wasn't supposed to have affected us as we're on the opposite side of the street. However, it now transpires that they cut off the supply to our house and, following various subterranean probings, they were unable to re-connect us without major surgery to the garage.

This entailed the removal of one entire wall worth of shelving above the eponymous workbench, which has now been accomplished in time for the installation of new gas pipes and other gubbins first thing tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I've had to postpone the X Wing game until next week as a result, depending on the availability of my long suffering opponent. In the meantime, I've been shifting stuff and clearing the space for the workmen to do their arcane thing in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

It's not all bad news as the journey back involved a stop off at an excellent bookshop in Wells, that was closed last time we visited but has now supplied some excellent books for the collection. I'll post some more about that later. I'm hoping that, once the gas thing is sorted out, I may get some time to finish off the Full Thrust stuff tomorrow. I'm also hoping to re-schedule the X Wing game for next week, if it can be squeezed into the time I have available.


  1. Sounds like a nightmare! Hope you get back to normality soon.

  2. What a pain...hang in there...and keep us posted.

  3. Good grief! Hope its all sorted soon. Typical they do this in the middle of a cold spell rather than the middle of summer.

  4. I think they owe you a rebate or discount off the next gas bill for this episode. Hope all gets back to normal soon.

  5. Actually, as an officer working for Hampshire highways I'm rather glad they did do this in the school holidays rather than waiting for term time when disruption to the travelling public would have been a lot worse. If they had waited until summer then they would have had to contend with the thousands of other works that actually do have to be done in summer owing to temperature dependencies for materials.
    Bad news about the mess up with the gas supply your house though. These things happen ! Let me know if you have any further troubles Boggler. I have contacts in SGN and I may be able to help.

  6. Thanks chaps,

    The gas is now back on but there's a dirty great trench across the front of the house, which makes putting the bins out a bit interesting!